November 2015

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The Ontario Heritage Act (OHA): what the courts have to say (part three) ... or, Port Dalhousie blues

A rendering of a new condo tower on the port.

This time it’s not the courts but that powerful court-like tribunal, the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).

Reviled in some circles and respected (often grudgingly) in others, the OMB generally has not endeared itself to heritage folks. We’ll look at one of the reasons why: its decision on a tower development in Port Dalhousie, the old canal village on Lake Ontario in St. Catharines.

The Ontario Heritage Act (OHA): what the courts have to say (part two) ... or, getting pushy about designation

A historic franco-ontarian church in St. Joachim.

We’re looking at heritage-related jurisprudence — decisions by the courts, Ontario Municipal Board and Conservation Review Board about the Ontario Heritage Act.

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