Thank you for putting this out there.  The environmental impacts of 20th century demolition delirium need to stop.  The millions of tons of waste that end up being dumped annually is staggering.  Her in New Brunswick at least there is also no requirement for the waste to be sent to a proper landfill site.  It is often dumped in the back of gravel pits of the construction/demolition companies doing the work.  This leaves the potential for runoff of lead from pipes, fittings and paints, asbestos and even actual garbage.  One recent demolition I photographed included all contents, white goods, TV sets, etc. from a 4 unit apartment building.  The Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments all have a role to play here.  The proper dumping of materials in regulated and sealed landfill sites needs to happen first, preventing contaminants from leaching into soils, groundwater and waterways.  Secondly the requirement for reuse and recycling needs to be put in place.  By offering incentives at first to do things the environmentally responsible way we can encourage things to change.  While some jurisdictions you mention and others globally have made headway, there is so much that needs to be done.  This is an topic with issues that are negatively impacting all of us, but only a few seem to fully grasp just what it means for us now and for others in the future.