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Hire a junior student

Hiring a junior student can have a long-lasting impact on your organization. Waterloo junior students: 

  • Are interested & enthusiastic about work/careers specifically in industries like yours.
  • Possess increasingly specific and relevant knowledge, qualifications and work experience applicable to your industry. 
  • Can immediately make meaningful, committed contributions to your business, beginning on their first work term.
  • Graduate with an interest in pursuing full time careers in industries like yours; co-op students support your strategic objective of developing/hiring experienced, full-time talent with an understanding and enthusiasm for your business.

Waterloo co-op employers are realizing the value of first work term students. In the past two years, seven per cent of all co-op hires were on their first work term, and the number of employers hiring first work term students has increased by ­­­­three per cent since 2014. Evaluations by employers of this group remain high.

"Hiring a first work term student can be very beneficial as employers have the opportunity to ‘mould’ the student, making them a great choice for future work terms with the same company.”

Kerry Lazenby, Central West Account Manager, CEE

Feedback from first work term employers shows an appreciation for the open minds of students. They offer fresh perspectives while also absorbing company practices and objectives with ease.

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