GreenHouse co-op

Are you a social purpose startup or not-for-profit social enterprise without the capacity to employ a co-op student for a traditional 16-week term? The GreenHouse co-op program is a low-cost way to bring talented and innovative minds into your company. This program provides access to students who can help you manage your projects and grow your business.

How it works

  • A team of two students is placed with your company based on your project requirements and the interests and skill sets of the students.
  • Placements are four weeks in length.
  • Students will receive basic training before arriving and will be supported by a full-time staff member in Co-operative Education.

Students can help with:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Opportunity assessment and market validation
  • Market research, data analysis/reporting and customer discovery
  • Preparing funding applications and exploring crowdfunding, investors and fundraising initiatives
  • Marketing strategy and content creation
  • Website/database development and maintenance
  • Brainstorming and backlog clearing


  • Participating organizations will provide working space in a professional office setting (includes incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces).
  • Organizations in the Waterloo Region are invited to apply; companies in other cities should contact the GreenHouse co-op program co-ordinator to discuss eligibility.

Application and interview process

  • Step 1: Complete an application form. 
    • Please choose projects aligned with business objectives that are reasonably achievable within a four-week period; provide clear descriptions of tasks associated with those projects.  
  • Step 2: We will invite eligible organizations to participate in a short interview.
    • Note: Completion of an application and interview does not guarantee a student placement with your company. We are looking for work that will provide students with a strong learning experience and opportunity to make a positive impact on your business.
  • Step 3: We will notify successful organizations of their match.


Companies are asked to pay a cost per team of two students per four-week placement. Please contact the program co-ordinator for details.

The GreenHouse co-op program was founded as a pilot led by St. Paul’s GreenHouse, Canada’s first and only live-in campus-linked social innovation and entrepreneurship accelerator and the Waterloo Centre for the Advancement of Co-operative Education (WatCACE).

Apply now to be a GreenHouse co-op employer! 

For questions about the GreenHouse co-op program, please contact the program co-ordinator.