HVACR Career Night: the hottest and coolest event in November

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A collage of images from the HVACR career night event.

by Jacqueline Gergal.

Last Wednesday, November 1, Waterloo students learned about the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry at the HVACR Career Information and Networking Night, hosted by Co-operative Education and the Centre for Career Action. The event brought students, employers and industry experts together to talk about careers and co-op opportunities in HVACR.

Students gained insights from industry experts with the City of HamiltonCoEng Advisors Inc.DMA SystemsiGEN Technologies Inc. and WalterFedy, who shared their wisdom in a panel presentation. ASHRAE Hamilton President Frank Mesicek and ASHRAE Student Chair Mark Long were also in attendance, along with 10 other industry professionals.   

ASHRAE Hamilton member Robyn Ellis, who represented the City of Hamilton at the event, gave advice to students about what skillsets are most valued in the industry. “The most successful co-op students have a mix of analytical skills and people skills,” said Ellis.

The students and employers both really enjoyed the one-on-one conversations they had. Ed Fowler, Partner and Mechanical Engineering Manager at Walter Fedy, said hiring co-op students is an essential part of his team’s talent recruitment. “At WalterFedy, all of our groups hire co-op students. It’s a no brainer,” said Fowler.

The HVACR industry continues to grow and so does its need for talented workers. HVACR has a huge impact on the Canadian economy, generating over $7 billion annually. Employing over 41,500 people in Canada alone, it’s no surprise that this industry is becoming more prevalent.

To get an inside look at the event, visit Storify which features some highlights of the evening.

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