Uber to open their first engineering lab in Canada

Thursday, September 13, 2018

A self-driving VolvoUber has announced plans to expand its self-driving car research in Toronto by investing in a new engineering lab. The research hub is expected to open in 2019 and will be first of its kind in Canada, serving as an extension of Uber’s current Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) in Toronto.

Uber is increasing autonomous research efforts and investing in a hub to reduce the likelihood of accidents with their self-driving cars. The company plans to spend CAD $200 million on the Toronto hub over the next five years, expanding their number of employees from 200 to 500.

The investment comes at a time when Uber is facing sizeable challenges and undergoing a variety of changes to stay relevant in their current market. The company is hoping the expansion will provide them with a new competitive edge and attract the top engineering and AI talent from the Waterloo region, including talent from the University of Waterloo.

The University of Waterloo is proud to be a key partner in producing citable, transformative research in collaboration with top global companies. We look forward to potentially collaborating with Uber to provide future employment opportunities at their Toronto lab. Read CBC's full story.