Waterloo co-op earns two awards for international work

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

University of Waterloo's international co-op teamWaterloo’s international co-op team has won two Excellence Awards from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE). The awards recognize the team’s extraordinary work in the design, planning implementation and management of high-quality endeavours in international education. The award ceremony is taking place November 20 in Ottawa as part of CBIE’s annual conference.

The North Star Award will be presented to Shabnam Ivkovic, Team Manager, International Mobility. This is awarded to a new professional who has shown extraordinary promise in the field of international education. Ivkovic has led various initiatives on enhancing student understanding of the value of their international experiences, building co-op legacies in international companies as pathways for international collaboration, and designing a risk management protocol for enhancing student safety abroad.

The Panorama Award will be given to Waterloo’s international co-op team. This is a distinction presented to a team or individual for their innovation and excellence in design, planning, implementation and management of high-quality endeavours in international education, with programming that focuses on academic, extracurricular, capacity building and/or learning abroad.

The ten Panorama Award recipients from the University of Waterloo are:

  • Bettina Wahl, International Employment Specialist
  • Cathy Stein, International Employment Specialist
  • Celeste Horne, Student Advisor
  • Gail Tymchuk, Account Manager
  • Judi Whitfield, Student Advisor
  • Kaitlyn Barnett, Hiring Process Support
  • Lisa ter Woort, Account Manager
  • Ross Johnston, Executive Director
  • Sandra Shantz, International Employment Specialist
  • Shabnam Ivkovic, Team Manager

Congratulations to our international team on this phenomenal accomplishment. Their hard work helps ensure that our students are well equipped for a bright future. This is truly an outstanding achievement in the field of international education.