WaterlooWorks has replaced JobMine

Waterloo's co-op program operates on an incomparable scale. Last year, we scheduled over 18,700 work terms. That's more in a single term than the second and third largest Canadian co-op schools combined in an entire year. 

To continually improve service to our stakeholders, the University has launched WaterlooWorks as of January, 2017.  

You are now able to log in and start posting your jobs. 

New features for employers include

24/7 access

provide personalized feedback with rankings and promote jobs using industry terminology

post your own jobs

More comprehensive job posting format and more information available to help make your hiring decisions

improved user interface

  • Architecture employers have used WaterlooWorks successfully since 2014. Feedback from them has been very positive
  • The system is very intuitive, but help documents are available to guide you through the process
  • CECA staff and services are available to support you through this transition