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Why hire Waterloo students and alumni

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Why hire Waterloo co-op

With a long-standing history as a leader in experiential education, the University of Waterloo has developed a cutting edge co-op program that drives bright and talented students into the most competitive industries.

Employers who hire from Waterloo tap into the potential for growth and success that our students bring to more than 6,300 organizations across the globe.

The University of Waterloo:

  • Ranks the “most innovative” university for the past 26 years (Maclean’s Magazine)
  • Boasts academic excellence with an average admission rate of 87.7%
  • Inspires entrepreneurial and innovative outlooks that feed a strong startup culture

In 2013, PwC conducted an Economic Impact Study on the Waterloo Region. Research reports that UWaterloo:

  • Produces the next generation of entrepreneurs, technology leaders and inventors through co-op talent
  • Is depended on by 72% of local companies as a source for employment
    • More than 50% of the workforce for 44% of these companies is comprised of Waterloo co-op students and alumni
    • More than 50% of the workforce at 30% of all Waterloo Region companies is comprised of Waterloo co-op students and alumni

Co-op at UWaterloo:

  • Is the world’s largest co-op program of its kind, with more than 19,000 students from 122 accredited programs
  • Offers employers the opportunity to hire passionate and driven students from a competitive talent pool
  • Combines classroom knowledge and skills with practical experience to produce young professionals ready for the workplace