Discover Work-Integrated Learning

Waterloo is home to some of the best and brightest. With our students gaining real-life experience at every step of their education, it's no wonder our graduates are considered some of the most career-ready in the nation. Building on our expertise with our world famous co-operative education program, we're providing more opportunities than ever before for our students to engage with businesses. From labs and simulations to practicums to consulting projects and scrums, Waterloo students tackle real-world problems presented by real organizations and businesses.

Did you know that your organization can engage with Waterloo students in a multitude of ways? Work-integrated learning (WIL) provides opportunities for employers and community partners to connect with students that are ready to take on new challenges and make valuable contributions to your organization. WIL offers a variety of low cost or no cost ways to bring a Waterloo student or student teams to your workplace.

Waterloo students have relevant knowledge and skills and can offer innovative perspectives that can benefit your organization. This might look like:

  • Bringing your problems to a classroom and have teams of students work together to solve them.
  • Inviting students into the community to assist with social issues and improve the lives of others.
  • Hiring students for short-term, project-based work.

Taking advantages of these opportunities can help your organization increase productivity, grow your talent pipeline and complete initiatives that may not otherwise be possible.

Experience in action

Right now, there are Waterloo students in all programs ready to partner with organizations in part-time or short-term opportunities. Continue reading to learn more about students like Aaron Cole, a varsity athlete taking control of his future by developing career-ready skills like SEO marketing.

If your organization would benefit from working with students, contact us to explore available opportunities.