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Teaching training

Centre for Teaching Excellence

The university's Centre for Teaching Excellence provides workshops, microteaching modules, classroom observations and other sessions that help prepare graduate students for their teaching roles.

Graduate students can also choose to participate in teacher training programs such as Fundamentals of University Teaching (open to all graduate students) and Certificate in University Teaching (open to doctoral candidates). In addition, workshops are offered every term for international Teaching Assistants (TAs) who are new to teaching in Canada.

Graduate students who have taken full advantage of these opportunities have subsequently reported that they had more confidence in their role as TAs and instructors and felt better prepared for university teaching.

History teaching assistant resource guide

The Graduate Students Committee of the Canadian Historical Association has produced an extensive Teaching Assistant Resource Guide to help you learn how to better fulfil your important role as a TA.

Mentored teaching experience for doctoral students

We encourage doctoral students to apply to co-teach an undergraduate course after they have successfully defended their thesis proposal and completed all other requirements preceding it. Ongoing feedback on teaching effectiveness, including teaching evaluations, will be provided to the student instructor by the course mentor.