Work Term Report Requirements & Instructions

Students writing a report together on laptop

All students in Honours History Co-op or Honours History and Arts & Business Co-op write and submit a work-term report to the History Department for evaluation, following completion of work terms 2, 3, and 4.

If you have back-to-back work terms you must submit a separate report for each term by the submission deadline.

Completion of PD 12 counts as your first work term report; you do not have to submit a work term report to the History Department during your first work term.

The History Department's work term report requirements are different than the Arts work term report guidelines. If your first major is History, please complete your work reports according to the criteria below.

You should provide your employer with a copy of your work-term report instructions at the start of your work term.

In addition to the work-term report that you will write for the History Department, employers may require you to write a job related report (e.g., research report) while on the job. Do not submit those reports to the History Department.