Beyond Housing - Capital Improvement Projects

Beyond Housing


The Housing and Residences team works to provide our students with more than just a place to live. It is our mission to foster meaningful growth and learning opportunities by providing a safe, accessible, clean and supportive home where all students succeed personally and academically. We go beyond housing.

As part of our commitment to uphold Housing’s mission, the Residence Facilities team is constantly working to improve our spaces. Our team is always working to develop, plan and implement various maintenance and renewal initiatives to update our existing spaces. We are also planning the creation of new spaces to continue to meet the needs of our students now and into the future.




Master Planning

The Revitalization of all Residences (ROAR) project team was created with a mission to enhance and equalize the student experience and eliminate any disparity in quality, function, and amenities across the residences.

The team has selected the Scion group that includes Diamond and Schmitt Architects (DSAI) and Hanscomb cost planning and control organization as our master planning consultant.

The consultant will guide the project team in developing a master plan in collaboration with all relevant parties at UW Housing and other key stakeholders, pulling comprehensive assessments, analyses, and information together to help create a long-term plan. The long-term plan must fit our budget, ensure there is capacity to support enrollment, and provide a consistent, enjoyable experience for all students. Our ultimate goal is to create and implement a realistic long-term residence facilities plan, which serves as a 10 to 20 year road map to providing compelling living environments Waterloo students love - emphasizing the learning, student success and programming advantages above competitors.

Below is the initial proposed timeline to develop a master plan for Campus Housing at UW. It is intended to be a guideline and will be followed as closely as possible, however, can be altered at any time for the betterment of the project. Campus Housing and team ROAR are excited to involve UW students and share progress of this project as it develops. Please continue to check back for updates.

What is the Low Hanging Fruit (LHF) project?


The LHF project is an annual Residence Facilities initiative that seeks to improve students’ residence experience by delivering tangibleeasily implementable, facility-related projects.

Given that our ongoing and future capital improvement projects take time to implement and our current students may not always see the benefits of our improvements while living here, the LHF project gives us an opportunity to implement improvements that current students can see and benefit from.

The project outcomes are heavily based on student feedback, and are intended to:

  • Support student learning
  • Encourage interaction and engagement
  • Benefit as many students as possible

Since the Low Hanging Fruit project began in 2016, the Facilities Renewal team has invested approximately $1.3 million in student ideas on how to improve their residence experience. A few examples of past projects include:

  • Updating our equipment and furniture to a better standard where needed, whether that was mattress renewal, new kitchen or laundry appliances, or gym equipment
  • Making residences more inviting by adding more lounge furniture, new paint, or updating the furniture layout of dining halls or community spaces
  • Recognizing the little things that make a difference to student life in residence, which included projects adding towel bars, TVs at the front desk or two ply toilet paper!

This year the focus of Low Hanging Fruit was to create opportunities to build positive interactions between front line staff members and students. Residence Attendants and Housekeepers hosted a drop-in style booth at CMH and V1 cafeterias during lunch and dinner hours on Oct. 28th, to hand out a short survey and chat with students on what they would like to see to improve their residence experience. Based on this feedback, projects were selected and will be implemented throughout the residences by end of January 2020. Some of the projects include:

  • Additional outlets in 10 V1 lounges
  • Additional Mobile Whiteboards
  • Outdoor Patio Seating –UWP courtyards
  • String lighting in UWP courtyard trees
  • Renewal f Beck and Eby entrance lobbies (new furniture, signage, paint)
  • Phone Charging Stations
  • New lighting pilot in one REV lounge
  • New Standard Fridges – REV recycling rooms
  • Coffee Machines & Reusable Pods – V1 lounges & REV recycling rooms
  • Arcade Machines – residence central complexes

As well as a few other projects! Thanks to all the students who participated in the feedback sessions. Residence staff enjoyed hearing from you, and they will be sharing updates in the New Year on these projects.


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