Director's welcome

Glen Weppler

Welcome to your new home! We know you have choices in where you can live and we're glad you chose to live in Waterloo Residences.


Living on-campus is about much more than having a place to sleep. Our mission is to give you every opportunity to learn where you live and to achieve greater success as a student.

A recent multi-institutional Canadian research study by the Academica Group found that, compared to a first-year student who lives off-campus, students living on-campus are more likely to:

  1. Return to their studies in their second year.

  2. Reach graduation.

  3. Have a higher GPA.


If you happen to be coming to UWaterloo from outside Canada, the benefits for living in residence are even greater.


So how do we make this happen?

  1. Living on campus can save you time. Living on-campus saves you valuable time because you live close to your classes and many services you'll use on-campus such as the library or gym. A variety of prepared foods are also close at hand in the residence dining facilities while cleaning and maintenance are of little concern to you aside from reporting a problem to us.
  2. Learning does not happen by chance and it often happens better with others. Professors are the most obvious example of someone who helps you learn. Living in residence has the added benefit of giving you access to a number full-time staff and hundreds of student staff and leaders that are focused on and available to support your learning and growth.
  3. Belonging to a community of your peers can be a powerful experience. We know the greatest influence on your residence satisfaction comes from the quality of your personal interactions. We also know that students who meet in residence can produce lifelong friendships and long-term business relationships. Living in residence gives you access to a network of your peers and provides you with access to mentors who can help you gain valuable skills that will benefit you now and in the future.  

Many opportunities, along with some challenges, await you at the University of Waterloo. To take advantage of the opportunities and overcome the challenges you must continue to work hard and make choices which will move you towards your long-term goals. By choosing to live in Waterloo Residences you are setting yourself up for a greater chance of success at university and after you graduate.

When I began my university career as a student more than two decades ago my plan was to become a physical education teacher. My path changed but I’m still involved in education. You could describe my team and I as a group of non-traditional educators. Each year we witness students undergo impressive transformations. We see the power that living in a community of your peers can have. My team and I look forward to helping you use your living environment to support your learning and development.

Welcome home.




Glen Weppler
Director, Housing and Residences