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Behind the scenes – Top 10 residence cafeteria meals


Nacho' average meal!

Hey guys! It's Michelle. There are three residence cafeterias (aka eateries) in Waterloo, located at V1, REV, and CMH. Each one has different stations, like grilled food, hot dish, and a creation station - ‘make your own…’. It goes without saying that there are a variety of foods to choose from, and sometimes it can be tough. That’s why I’ve created a list of the top 10 caf meals:

10. Nacho Platter

Let’s start off this countdown with a fun dish to share with friends when you’re playing a board game or watching a movie. Or you can be like me and eat an entire platter by yourself in the middle of the night just because you can. :)

9. Pad Thai

The Hot Dish Station changes everyday, so you might have to wait a while to find this, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

8. Dairy-Free Cheese

Okay, this is less of a meal and more of an ingredient, but important nonetheless! Recently, my friend started going dairy-free and has had a lot of trouble finding dairy-free foods, especially since she can’t eat anything with cheese on it. However, we were at V1 one day and discovered that they have dairy-free cheese available to put on any burgers or pizzas. Win!

7. Individual Pizza

You know that ice breaker game where you have to tell everyone a fun fact about yourself? In my experience, the most common answer to this is, “I like pizza!” Pizza itself is great, but an individual pizza fresh from the oven? That’s even better!

Pro tip: Pizzas can be found at any cafeteria, but at REV, your pizza is special because it comes with a card. If you get a card with a joker on it, your pizza is free!

6. DIY Meal

Something that has always caught my eye is the assorted salad raw ingredients near the salad bar. These are meant to be put in salads, but they’ve also proven to be great ingredients to throw into some instant noodles or even to combine with the rice from Hot Dish and make fried rice with. Hey, the caf has free soy sauce and salt packets for a reason, right?

DIY fried rice

The ingredients...

Michelle eating fried rice

The result... yum!

5. Creation Station

Also in the spirit of DIY, if you don’t have the cooking supplies to make fried rice yourself, you can always get some at the creation station. There you can choose your toppings (are they still called toppings?), protein, and sauce. Like the Hot Dish station, this station changes too, but weekly.

4. Spicy Chicken Wrap

The Village 1 Spicy Chicken Wrap is a Waterloo staple, so as a Waterloo student you’re obligated to try and subsequently praise it. Enjoy!

3. Footlong Hot Dog

Although REV and V1 have always had hot dogs, the footlong hot dog has only recently been added to the CMH menu. I think the novelty itself explains why this gets the #3 spot.

2. Burrito Bowl

Ah, another fan favourite. Not only does it have the most favourable volume of food per dollar ratio (I’m a Math student, what can I say?), but it’s also delicious and super convenient to eat while studying.

1. Omelette

My absolute favourite dish - the thing that motivates me to get out of bed before 11:00 am every morning (they’re only available until 11:00 am on weekdays) - is the omelette. Words cannot describe the incredible flavour of the ham/bacon/onion/spinach/green pepper/egg combo coupled with two golden hash browns… Is it morning yet? Anyway, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you should always start your day off right. Although my combination is probably the best :) it’s just a suggestion; you can choose what you put in your own omelette.


Breakfast all day, everyday! (I wish)

Whether you’re living in residence now or planning to in fall 2019, you’ve got some yumminess to look forward to. Hope this was helpful!

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