Commitment, convenience, and choice: Why I chose residence

Hey there, it’s Hanna! I’m a German exchange student living at UW Place this term. My friends from my home university are going to study in Waterloo soon and asked me why I decided to choose residence. Here’s my story.

han nafriends

When UWaterloo accepted me I was pretty excited! In Germany I was living at home with my parents so going abroad for 5 months was a very big deal. I had to manage things like; study permits, flights, saying goodbye to my friends and family as well as confirming where I will be living.

At first I was overstrained because there were so many options with six different residence communities on-campus and also the option to live off-campus. Since I wasn’t able to visit different accommodations I had to get all of my information online.  Based on my search, I was pretty sure that I wanted to live on campus because I thought it’s the best way to get to know new people and it was super easy to get information such as size, style and meal plan. I also came alone to Canada and was paired up with two Canadian girls who both have roots in China and we’ve become great friends.

Choosing residence was the right decision for me and location is key; I usually start my day with a run in Waterloo Park, I can wake up at 9:35 and still make it with a little breakfast to my class at 10:00, go home at noon to cook something and leave again a few minutes before my classes in the afternoon. I love having my own room, advantages of “apartment living”, and benefits like an eatery close by, don support, laundry facilities, and a grocery shuttle.

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