Grad life: Is it a holiday break if you never really left?

Hello warriors :) This is Ekin!

Generally, grad students (MS and PhDs) in UWaterloo don't have summer breaks, so I was in school most of the summer. Even though I got to do some pretty cool summer things (like biking from Waterloo to Toronto in 8 hours!), I was mostly heads down in my work. Fortunately, I took couple of weeks off to go and spend time with my family before getting back to research this fall term.


Ekin biking

You might be able to tell, I love being active (biking, hiking, dancing, yoga, squash, etc.). I also love organizing events where I can gather with my friends, so I've found that the secret to enjoying grad life in UWaterloo is to always balance my school time and my spare time. One of my self promises this term was to do something totally new thing every month, so September was for Salsa! I have several friends who go to the UWaterloo Dance club and Salsa nights so I joined them for couple of nights. It was great just being with friends and catching up with them again, while learning new steps.

I'm looking forward to more fun activities to de-stress and promise to share with you!