From Home to Home: Back to the (study) grind!

Is it me or did the break seem very short? It seemed like only yesterday when I went through a tortuous 35-hour flight to India before I had to do it again to come back to Waterloo. So, I made sure I used the 22 days of holidays that I got to the fullest extent!

I saw my friends and family who welcomed me back home very warmly. I experienced a weird feeling in my stomach when I entered my old room. It was like being a stranger in something that felt so familiar. My dog was very ecstatic to see me, made obvious by his constant drooling over my face. For me, not having to adult for some time was a welcome change. I hogged down a lot of my home food and made sure I visited each and every mall and shopped to my heart’s content. I caught up on my sleep, which meant that I slept like a baby with my mother next to me for 10-11 hours every day. And the icing on the cake: I attended my first ever EDM concert! Like any young person, going to a concert was on my bucket list. Me and my friend managed to slink through to the first row where I saw my favorite artist, Nucleya so close to me! The bass reverberated through my body as I swayed deliriously to the music. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

Kartiki on break

Coming home to Waterloo surprisingly felt like home. I was happy to see the familiar people, the buildings and my favorite, UW Plaza. However, I returned a day late, after classes had already started (not advised!). Barely recovered from jet lag, I had classes till 9:20 PM the next day, my room was in a mess and I had three big suitcases left to unpack...sigh.

It can be very hard to get back to the study grind, especially when you have been Netflixing and lazing around all day. However, I planned a few things well in advance to prep myself for 1B.

For starters, I got myself a new calendar to start my year off right. I also brought a lot of food from home, so I did not have to worry about cooking or thinking about what to eat that week. It was not easy to get myself up and work but 2 weeks in, I am back to my study mode now. 1B feels easier as I know how I need to prep for midterms and where every building is. I am no longer a new kid in Waterloo and it feels great! I cannot contain my excitement to experience my first ever Canadian winter and have lots of fun this term. Check back in February to see what I am up to. That's it from your #InternationalLooLife girl Kartiki, until next time!