International Mini-Series: Food Experiences in Residence with Diya


We recently interviewed Diya, an International student from Bangladesh. We were interested in her experiences with the food in residence! Here’s what she said:

What have your experiences been like so far in relation to food in residence? (you can talk about your previous experience when you lived in residence)

As an international student, food was one thing I was particularly worried about before coming to Canada. But soon after moving into residence I was amazed by the variety of food the residences were offering. Starting from healthy options like the salad and fruit bar to food to satisfy cravings, like pizzas and burgers, it had everything. It had hot meals that were made anew everyday and the cafeteria even had specialty nights where food from a particular culture or country was featured. Overall, it was a great experience as I would always look forward to eating in the cafeteria.


What do you like most about your Residence Eatery and meal plan?

One of the greatest things about residence is how accommodating they are in terms of every student’s needs. Whether it was allergy needs, religious or personal beliefs, the cafeteria always had something for everybody. I’ve always appreciated their extremely considerate nature toward the students and giving their all to ensure we were happy with our food.   


Can you talk about your experiences adjusting to the cuisine in Canada?

I was always worried that I would have trouble adjusting to the cuisine in Canada having lived in my home country all my life. However, I was very pleased to have been wrong about my prior concern because there was so much food services offered in residence. Not only did their western cuisine taste amazing but they also occasionally made food that are from back home! It was an incredible experience to find food of my country being made in residence. It felt just like home!


What is your favourite go-to meal in your Residence Eatery?

I had a tonne of favorite go-to meals at the Residence Eatery. For instance, I loved the chicken wings on the weekends, the chicken curry with fried rice, the personal pizza and the poutine too! The salad bar was also a personal favorite.


What advice do you have for prospective international students who might be concerned about food options/cuisine when living in residence?

In terms of advice, I’d tell them not to be worried about not getting food you want because they will, more often than not, have what you are looking for since they cover a lot of different cuisines in their menu. Food services also recognizes the high number of international students that live on Residence so they are very considerate about diversifying their food choices so there is something everybody. Whether you have dietary restriction or are a vegetarian, vegan, or have a religious or personal food preference or requirement, rest assured that food services will accommodate for you and ensure you have a pleasant experience in residence.

Diya Chowdhury