Move-in & making friends - what could be better?

Hey guys, Darsh here. Have you ever had a feeling, waking up sweating and panicking about something you were dreaming about? I had these moments consistently throughout the summer leading up to my move in date at Ron Eydt Village. It was nerve-racking.

I was stressed about the communal washrooms and having a roommate. What would I eat? How would the food be? Where can I get coffee in the morning? These were all questions that were flowing in my head 24/7.

Move-in day itself, however, went smoother than expected, other than the Wi-Fi speaker I brought not working it was a pretty seamless move in.

move in day

I remember custom designing posters with my brother for my room and it really made the room very personal and I felt a little more like I was home. Moving into the first week, I had no time to think about what was happening and I was so busy and consumed with meeting people and learning how to make friends in University. It was genuinely one of the most fun university experiences I have had thus far. It wasn’t until the first weekend when everything slowed down, and I started to think that I had my first experience with real homesickness.

Missing home

I had nothing to do, nothing to keep myself busy and I found myself consistently thinking, missing and reminiscing my home, my bed and of course my own bathroom. I distinctly remember this “tipping” point where I made my closest friends at Waterloo. It was the second night and I was just relaxing with my floormates in the lounge watching a movie. I remember my neighbour from across the hall sat down across from me with one of his friends from high school and the three of us just started talking. We eventually moved the conversation back to my room so that we weren’t taking away from the movie. We sat down in my room, turned on some calm “vibey” music and the three of us just talked for most of the night. I always run that memory in my head, thinking about what would have happened if we never went to my room and talked for most of the night. These two people turned to be some of my closest friends at Waterloo.

After the first two weeks, I’ve never been better. After creating a small group of really close friends and getting to know people on my floor, my first month has been fantastic and I am really excited for months to come at Ron Eydt Village.