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#RezRelationships and #RezRomance in February

Hey guys, Darsh here. Moving into a new city is always tough, but as it is the month of “love” I wanted to talk about a few loves in my life. My life is really centered around my friends and they are the people who keep me grounded and sane living away from home.

Darsh and friends

The current romance I have is less of a romance and more of a friendship with two people I met at REV. I remember moving in on the first day was stressful as I was scared to try and talk to people on my floor, it was just nerve-racking. I ended up walking by my neighbor’s room and his door was wide open. He was playing some really catchy songs by Drake that I immediately recognized. I later realized as I was unpacking that I did not pack a pair of scissors and decided to go ask my neighbor for a pair. I walked up to him and asked to borrow a pair of scissors, which sparked some really good conversation.

Fast forward to that first night. My floor was having our first movie night and he and his friend from another floor sat next to me and almost through the entire movie we were continuously just talking. We moved later to my room where the three of us sat and talked for hours about high school, our programs, experiences and everything in between. It was that night that I really clicked with some of my closest friends here. Moreover, it’s been five months since moving in and I am ecstatic to have met Sebastian and Jenny <3.

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