Second Year, Second Shot?

Hey! My name is Paige, I am in my 2A term in the Global Business and Digital Arts program at the School of Interaction Design and Business located at the Stratford Campus.


Coming into my second year and living in Waterloo Residences made me appreciate how lucky I am to be able to live in a safe environment. It's also brought lessons about coming out of your comfort zone.

One thing I struggled with initially was feeling alone, which is interesting since there are so many students around. It took some time to understand why I felt anti-social, even disengaged, and my conclusion was that it was related to being away from home for my very first time and the pressure of performing at school.

Lesson for anyone that's new to residence: It is so important to surround yourself with peers that are there to support you. Having my support group made me feel that I could overcome these emotions. Also, give yourself time. Soon, I was able to overcome this by getting more involved and connecting myself with more people to talk about this issue that I was dealing with.

My first week back on campus was all about reconnecting with old friends, finding the groove in my schedule and taking a risk and joining a new club that had been on my radar since last year. I decided that I wanted to be part of the Lifesaving Team on campus and train with other lifeguards or students with an interest in first aid to ultimately compete in the coming months. This made me happy, knowing that I belonged to another community and a group of people that shared the same interests as me.


On a side note, I have to say it is pretty nice to be able to walk to practice in 2 minutes before the time that I am required to be there, and it is very convenient for me to pick up hot food from the cafeteria right after class! Time to focus on school work and being productive!