Uncovering a Hidden Gem: The CLV Community Centre

Are you interested in playing ping-pong, doing yoga, learning how to make new food dishes, or having a free breakfast? If you are not following the CLV Facebook page you're missing out! 

The CLV Community Centre is filled with several different events such as tournament nights, community excursions, community socials, weekly yoga classes, bi-weekly caregivers club, and more. Recently two ping-pong, foosball, and pool tournament nights happened in the Community Centre. Excitement was in the air until the last minute of each game!

Ping pong competition

First tournament night at the CLV Community Centre.

Foos ball tournamentPersonally, I am a big fan of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects, that’s why I am glad that almost every month there is a DIY event in the Community Centre. I know that my roommate also loves those events. We have a couple of DIY products that we display in our living room. In previous months there were DIY bath bombs, DIY ginger bread house making, and a DIY tin can herb garden event. In the first week of March, there was a DIY Rag Rug event where participants learned how to repurpose their old clothes into a braided rag rug for their kitchen or bathroom. It is always so much fun and relaxing to join these events. If you haven’t participated in one, keep an eye out for the next event on the CLV Facebook page.

DIY Ginger Bread House Making event

DIY Ginger Bread House Making event.

Picture with new friends that I met at the DIY event

New friends that I met at the event!

Me and My roommate both love going to DIY events at the community center. Here are some examples of our products

Me and my roommate love going to DIY events at the Community Centre. Here are some examples of our products :)

Also, community excursion events are a special thing in the CLV community. Have you got your ticket for the Niagara Falls trip that is going to take place on March 16? I am already so excited for that trip! I have been to Niagara Falls a couple of times and I cannot get enough of watching the falls.

On March 22, CLV’s Got Talent will take place at the Community Centre. If you have a special talent such as singing, baking, dancing, reciting poetry, etc. and want to share it with your community then this is going to be a perfect event for you. I am sure it will be a great event to socialize and meet with new friends!

The CLV Community Centre is a great place to hang out with friends while playing games or watching TV. In my own experience, I am grateful to have a Community Centre in my neighborhood. Me and my friends generally use the area to hang out and do our friend gatherings like potlucks and BBQ's. There are two BBQ's and a couple of picnic tables provided, so you can bring your own dish and cook there while enjoying the great weather outside with your friends. It might still be a bit chilly outside for that, but I highly recommend to keep it in mind for spring term!

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