Welcome to the Residence Storyteller Blog!

Welcome to the Residence Storyteller Blog!

Over the fall 2018 term, our 5 pioneer Residence Storytellers gave us a glimpse into residence life in Waterloo. Food, friends, events, study sessions, exam stress, you name it. Follow them on the blog, on Instagram and Facebook, and learn what life is really like in residence, whether you're in your first year, upper years or graduate program!

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About the Residence Storytellers:

From left top to right top:

Kartiki: First year, UWP Beck Hall, Arts (Psychology). Kartiki comes to the role with a wealth of experience. She has been writing for 11 years, runs a blog called Embracing Life, and has been invited to be a TEDx speaker! She is an international student who joins us from India and is excited to share real stories from Waterloo.

Darsh: First year, REV, Arts (Accounting & Financial Management). Darsh is an energetic ‘YouTuber’ who is passionate about technology, videography and photography and enjoys being on camera. He runs a YouTube channel where he shows his followers new technologies. He’s loving his REV experience and has made his room a hub for hangouts!

Michelle: First year, UWP Claudette Millar Hall, Math (Financial Analysis & Risk Management). Michelle is super excited to be at Waterloo and experience some memes first-hand. She’s into DIY projects and always looking for artsy ways to liven up her residence room.

Paige: Second year, Village 1, Arts (Global Business & Digital Arts). Paige is an actively involved UW student who’s excited about being so close to the places she loves most on campus – classes, pool and the gym. She’s on the UW Lifesaving Team and passionate about students getting involved. UW is her second home!

Ekin: Graduate, CLV-North, PhD Engineering (Civil & Environmental Engineering). Ekin is an international student from Turkey and has lived in CLV-North since she first moved to Waterloo in 2016. She loves being active (biking, hiking, dancing, yoga, squash, etc.) and recently biked to Toronto from Waterloo in 8 hours! She started the Curious Grad blog when she arrived in Waterloo to help guide future international grads in their transition to a new country and new city. Ekin loves to showcase all that CLV has to offer.

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