Hey guys, it's Darsh! Happy new year!

I don't know about you but I have had a fantastic experience living on campus for my first year. Can you believe it will be over in a few short months? As we got to the midway point of the academic year, I realized that I need to start thinking about where I was going to live in second year. Maybe you're thinking the same thing.

The process seemed daunting and personally, I was so stressed, but it turned out to be a really simple process. If you are someone who is as concerned as I was, do not stress at all. There are a ton of resources right now that can help you guys get started. For one, there is a Housing Fair this Wednesday, January 23 in the Student Life Centre, where you can go and meet all the biggest student rental companies in the area. This can provide insight into exactly what kind of prices and places are available. And if you're planning to return to residence, on-campus information is also available.

Housing fair promo

Another really neat resource is the #AskAnAdvisor video series on Instagram and Facebook made by yours truly. These are really informative videos with the best practices to keep in mind when looking for housing on- and off-campus. Check those out and comment with your feedback!

Darsh in ask an advisor video

The last resource that I have really appreciated having are Housing Advisors! These are Waterloo Residences professionals whose focus is on helping you find a place to live this Spring or Fall term. They are really knowledgeable about both on and off-campus options.

Advisors discussing housing options

At the end of the day, remember that though this seems like a scary process, its nothing to stress about and its really simple when you have the right resources. Good luck!

Ps: If you missed the Housing Fair but still need support in finding spring 2019 or fall 2019 housing, contact us.