CLV Community Assistant

Community Assistants (CAs) support the CLV Family & Graduate Student community as members of the Residence Life team.

The CA position is an opportunity for graduate students living in CLV to become involved with their community by assisting CLV staff to provide a safe and comfortable environment in CLV and support its diverse community of families and graduate students.


Duties include

  • Supporting Residence Life Coordinator  with the implementation of various community events and programs which meet the diverse needs of the CLV families and single graduate students
  • Participating in scheduled duty shifts and on-call rotation with area team
  • Liaising with Residence Life team, Residence Facilities group, and other University departments as required to ensure our residents’ needs are met

For more information, please refer to the CLV Community Assistant Job Description.


What we're looking for

  • Someone who is interested in getting involved in residence
  • Someone who has a genuine interest in helping others
  • Someone who is friendly and professional
  • Someone who is knowledgeable of campus life and resources available to students

Apply now


I would like to apply to be a Community Assistant in Winter 2019 and/or Spring 2019, when can I submit an application?

Please forward your resume and cover letter to Delores Lanni. Please include your full name, UW Student ID#, and Room Assignment on your application.

Please check back for information for Fall 2019 applications.

If you have any questions, please contact the CLV- Residence Life Coordinator, Delores Lanni.


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