Appeal disciplinary action and/or eviction


In order to appeal disciplinary action and/or eviction from residence, the student must submit a Notice of Appeal to the Manager, Residence Life within ten (10) working days of the action and/or eviction being appealed.

Notice of Appeal Form  [.pdf]

Please deliver your completed form to the Village 1 Front Desk, Attention: Manager, Residence Life.


The Notice of Appeal must include:

  1. The date of submission, full name, student ID#, and contact information and signature.

  2. What is being appealed:
    1. A finding that conduct amounted to misconduct; or
    2. The penalty imposed.
  3. The reasons for appealing the decision, including an explanation of the circumstance(s) claimed (see below) as a ground for the appeal:
    1. There was a fundamental procedural error seriously prejudicial.
    2. There was clear evidence of bias in the process or decision.
    3. The severity of the penalty imposed exceeds the nature of the offence for reasons identified.
  4. The result being sought.


The Notice of Appeal will be reviewed by the Director, Student Development and Residence Life or his/her designate who will contact the student to arrange a meeting to review the appeal.  The Director, Student Development, and Residence Life or his/her designate will also meet with residence staff and take whatever steps are seen to be appropriate in the circumstances to review the appeal.

Normally within 20 working days of receiving the Notice of Appeal the Director, Student Development, and Residence Life or his/her designate shall deliver to the student a written decision with reasons.

Should the student be able to satisfy a ground for appeal set out above, a final appeal can be made following the process set out above with the notice delivered to the University Housing Officer. A decision of the University Housing Officer is final.