Abroad2Home Program

Have you internationalized your degree? As a part of a new pilot, Waterloo Residences is looking for students who have an international experience story to share!  We are looking to inspire first-year students, living in residence, to visit another country as part of their undergraduate career at UWaterloo. So come live in Waterloo Residences and share your experience with others!

If selected, and you meet the requirements below, you will receive a $750 discount off your Waterloo Residences winter 2018 contract! It’s that easy, share your story and get $750 off your UWaterloo housing experience!




Your International Experience qualifies for this initiative if it was for a minimum duration of six consecutive weeks and falls in one of the following categories:

  • A university-approved international experience. This could be a:
    • Exchange,
    • Study abroad,
    • Co-op work term,
    • Volunteer experience, or
    • Internship;
  • An exchange program or degree received at an institution outside of Canada;
  • General travel to a country outside of Canada.

You must be able to provide at least 1 reference from someone who can speak to your International Experience and be a current University of Waterloo full-time student.




The following list outlines the expectations Waterloo Residences has, should your application be selected for this initiative:

  • 10 hours a month spent sharing about your international experience. This could be through:
    • Conversations with students living in residence,
    • Talking about your experience on panels and in workshops in residence, 
    • Contributing content through Waterloo Residences online media platforms, or other activities.

Completing bi-weekly online check-in forms to your supervisor explaining your progress with sharing your International Experience.


How to Apply


Please submit a video (Private YouTube link or link to other video platforms, no video files)) to Glen Weppler at, glen.weppler@uwaterloo.ca, answering the following points:

  1. Tell us about your International Experience
  2. What will you do in the upcoming term to inspire residents, living in Waterloo Residences, to take an International Experience in the future?
  3. Tell us about a time when you were able to demonstrate self-driven mentorship?
  4. Have you lived in residence before? If so when, where, and for how long?
  5. Why do you think living in residence is important for student success?

In the email the following information is required: Name, Official UWaterloo email address, and any supporting documentation you wish to send that describes your experience (ie. Photos, documents/proposals, final work report, etc.).