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Maximize Potential Certificate Program

The Maximize Potential Certificate program is a great opportunity for students who are thinking about getting involved in Housing’s upper year leadership opportunities such as becoming a Don, a Peer Leaders, or a Front Desk Assistant.

Why should I participate?

Other benefits of participating in Maximize Potential include attending fun, interactive workshops addressing specific topics of interest, meetings new people both in and outside of your residence community, developing new skills and ideas, as well as taking the initiative to develop yourself as a student outside of the classroom.

» Health and Wel​lness

Choose one of the following to earn a Health and Wel​lness credit:

New Year’s RESolutions

  • Are you interested in starting off strong this year? Have you thought about the goals and opportunities that you would like to reach for? Join us in this fun and interactive workshop and learn how to create smart, achievable goals for yourself this New Year that won’t be forgotten about by February!

Healthy Minds

  • Your complete health is essential to your success in your university career as well as in all other aspects of your life. There are so many ways to reduce stress, eat more nutritiously, be physically active, and ultimately set yourself up for academic and personal success. This session is a tool to inform you of the benefits of taking care of yourself and striking that balance.

» Diversity and Inclusivity

Choose one of the following to earn a Diversity and Inclusivity credit:

Embrace 2.0: Embracing cultural diversity and breaking stereotypes

  • This workshop will focus on understanding that people come from various walks of life and the importance of unlearning stereotypes that are based on culture, race, ethnicity, religion, gender etc. A focus will also be given on encouraging the use of inclusive language, and the implications of certain terms have in our society. The objective of this workshop is to leave students with a wider perspective on human diversity and appreciate that within University campus culture.

Embrace 2.0: Social Equity: Diversify your inclusivity portfolio

  • This workshop will focus on the importance of building social equity within a society. Students will learn the difference between social equality and social equity, as well as the implications marginalized groups (women, LGBTQ community, Aboriginals etc) have to face in our society. The objective this workshop is to understand the significance of social equity and gain a better understanding of various marginalized groups (especially ones which are less glamorized with media) within our community, and encourage inclusiveness.

Embrace 2.0: Gender roles and the influence of media

  • This workshop will present students with challenges faced by males and females in terms of their role in society, especially with the influence of media. Topics such as body image, gender roles in relationships, gender roles and in workforce will also be discussed. The objective of this workshop is to empower students to break the misconceptions of gender roles which are portrayed in mainstream media,and encourage students to develop healthy body image, healthy relationships and confidence in the workforce.

What’s in Your Backpack?

  • Did you enjoy unlearn? Were you unable to attend? What’s in Your Backpack is an all new interactive diversity workshop designed to get us thinking critically about our own identity and how we connect with others.  Come out to meet new people, learn about the people you do know, ask tough questions and most importantly, have fun!

» Community Living

Choose one of the following to earn a Community Living credit:

Party Smart

  • Do you enjoy parties? Casual get-togethers? Celebrations? In many cases, it is common for many of these social gatherings to include alcohol in some capacity. Attend this interactive and informative workshop to discover how your choices can be positive and memorable. Have your questions answered, myths debunked, and leave with the knowledge you’ll need to enjoy yourself and party smart!

Money Matters

  • Ever wonder how your bank account balance seems to evaporate? Afraid of that credit card bill coming due? This session is focused on bringing awareness to how little purchases add up, how to reevaluate your spending habits and some other money saving tips from upper year students.

Smart Choices

  • You make thousands of choices a day. Everything from what colour socks to put on in the morning to what snack to grab in the caf. This Smart Choices workshop is designed to help you navigate the sticky waters of first year and all the choices that come with it!

Building Neighborly Love

  • Before you know it, you may be transitioning to your first time living off-campus. What will your neighbours be like? What kind of neighbor will you be? Join us to learn what it means to become a contributing member of the KW community. In this workshop, we’ll discuss strategies on how to become a “good neighbour” with your future roommates, as well as with the folks living next door. You’ll be able to build and maintain positive community relationships, and maybe even become comfortable enough to borrow a cup of sugar!

» Professional Development

Choose one of the following to earn a Professional Development credit:

Co-op Apps 101

  • Are you a co-op student heading out on your first co-op termEngineer student heading out to co-op in January? Did you know you are going to start applying to your first round of co-op jobs in a few weeks? Attend this session to get help with your resume; get some advice about co-op interviews from upper years and learn how to navigate Jobmine!

Personal Branding

  • Before you create a profile on LinkedIn, or set up a Facebook post, or enter the interview room there is one thing you should do. In this fun and informative session learn how to market your most important product: you! Creating a personal brand is a great way to ensure that you make the most of your first impression, and tell the world what you are all about.

» Academic Development

Choose one of the following to earn an Academic Development credit:

Navigating Academic Choices

  • The end of first year means making a number of academic choices: whether to transfer programs, what major to add, whether to pursue a minor, how to change co-op streams, finding the best way to deal with a failed course, and many more. This session will cover how to address these (and other) academic decisions – from making the choices, to getting the paperwork processed. Come with your questions! 


  • At this session you will explore ideas such as how to realistically manage your time, how to combat procrastination, and how to improve your memory and learning strategies. You will leave the session ready to put ideas into action and develop the combination of study strategies that work best for you. 88% of the students who attended this session in last term said that they would recommend it to a friend!


  • At this session you will explore strategies for preparing for and getting through tests. The workshop will cover how to prepare different test questions, how to plan your time before and during a test, how to pick the perfect study location, and how to manage test anxiety.

» Personal Development 

Choose one of the following:


Leaders Enthusiastically Achieving Development

  • LEAD is a one day leadership conference designed for residents interested in personal development.  We will offer workshops which help give you the skills and tools you need to become effective leaders. Seminar topics will include communication styles, honing entrepreneurial skills with passion, exploring personal mental wellness, and more! The entire conference will be facilitated by a group of our talented UW Dons.  Come out in March and discover if you have what it takes to LEAD! 

Note: Not every workshop or program will be offered every single semester. Please refer to a specific term’s calendar for an outline of the sessions offered!

Winter 2014 calendar

The winter Maximize Potential Certificate Program calendar of events [PDF] is now available!

How do I complete this program?

The certificate is made up of six main components. Participants must complete one credit in each of the following categories:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Community Living
  • Professional Development
  • Academic Development
  • Personal and Leadership Development

A range of programs will be available during both fall and winter terms, allowing students to complete the certificate at their own pace. Students may complete the credits in any particular order they prefer.

Once a student has completed at least one workshop or program in each of the 6 credits, the student should contact the organizers requesting the certificate. The organizers will ask the student to complete a short reflection to verify their experience with Maximize Potential.

Where can I get more information?

Any questions can be directed via email to:

A Maximize Potential management team member will get back to you shortly!

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