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A note for incoming Fall 2020 students:

As you know, Waterloo Residences has been working closely with your faculty to adapt the Living Learning experience for fall 2020. In our previous communications, we mentioned that your Living Learning Community experience will be different. Here are the primary changes:  

  •  We have made the difficult decision to put the School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) Living-Learning Community on hold for the 2020-2021 year.   

  • You will have access to an upper-year SAF mentor.  AFM, Math/CPA, and Biotech/CPA students will be assigned a Peer Supported Learning Champion as part of the SAF 2YEx curriculum, while CFM students will have access to a mentor via the CFM Mentorship Program.   

  • Your mentor will engage with you individually as well as provide academic support and social experiences.   

  • Students will not be physically clustered. This means you may live near students from any faculty and may be placed in any of the available residences based on your Waterloo Preferences Ranking Form.  

We understand that these are notable changes. Know that you are still entitled to receive all the supports available to every student in residence, and we are committed to creating a great residence learning experience despite the circumstances. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the Living Learning team.  

Live with peers who share your drive for success and interest in accounting and financial management.

In addition to living with and learning from your peers, you will also have support from your Peer Leader team – upper-year students from the School of Accounting and Finance, who have taken similar courses and can connect you with the people and resources you need to succeed.


Join your academic community


The School of Accounting and Finance will be offering first-year students entering one of the following programs the chance to live in a Living-Learning Community:

  • Accounting & Financial Management
  • Biotechnology/Chartered Professional Accounting
  • Computing & Financial Management
  • Mathematics/Chartered Professional Accounting

Activities & Events


Your experience matters! Your Peer Leaders will connect you to your SAF community, programs that will enhance your in-class learning, and help you reach your fullest potential as a student and an aspiring professional.

  • Facilitating study sessions in residence for core courses such as AFM101 and ECON101
  • Bringing you to social activities to help you to connect with your community, like Hot Chocolate and Chill in the Winter and the SAF Community Celebration
  • Practicing your handshake, introduction, dressing for success, and other networking skills in a safe space with upper-year students to prepare you for the real thing
  • Helping you to build your schedule and manage your energy so you can find time for your academics, community experiences, health and wellness, and career development

About Village 1 residence


V1 Hero image

The School of Accounting and Finance community will be in Village 1, one of our traditional-style residence buildings.

In Village 1, you’ll be part of a dynamic environment where you can meet up with friends and grab a late night snack from the cafeteria, relax by playing some basketball at the outdoor court, or get some work done in one of the study rooms.


How to join

Incoming students can indicate their interest in a Living-Learning Community on the Residence Community Ranking Form during the residence application process.

The Residence Community Ranking form for Fall 2020 will open in February 2020.



If you have any questions regarding Living-Learning Communities, please email Living-Learning or call us at 519-888-4567, ext. 31314.


Student profiles

Read what it's like to live in a Living-Learning Community or to be a Peer Leader.

How to apply

Indicate your interest in the Living-Learning Community on the Residence Community Ranking Form during your residence application process.


If you have any questions regarding Living-Learning Communities, please contact Living-Learning or call us at 519-888-4567, ext. 31314.