Mental Health & Wellness Guide

We are here to support your experience as a university student.

University presents many opportunities and challenges. If you find yourself struggling with your mental health or wellness, remember that you are not alone! The resources below can help you choose the support you need.

100+ Campus staff and community members here to help you
24/7 Assistance
1 text, email, call or visit is all it takes to get help


Student Voices on Mental Health


Coming soon. The Student Voice is a collection of real life stories from UWaterloo students on topics related to maintaining a positive balance of mental health and wellness. Stories will be featured within The Student Voice, in our monthly resident enews, and our news section.

"The staff here are so caring and empathetic. My Don listened to me when I was feeling homesick and stressed. Because of her, I made an appointment at Counselling and I am feeling so much better."
"Over the past 8 months, residence has turned into a safe haven from school stress and personal problems. A place with laughter, marked with memories. Home is where the heart is. My roommates made our suite a home; they gave my heart a place to stay."
“The support in residence has helped me through stressful times. The encouragement guided me when I lost all hope and felt like breaking down. The feeling of being part of a caring environment will never go away.”
"I would not have been able to make it through these last 8 months without the support from my residence community"