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Spring term move-out

Time to get ready for a new term! We apologize for any inconvenience as we prepare our facilities
the next term ahead. 

All residents are expected to move out 24-hours after their confirmed move-out date. You will receive
email confirmation from Waterloo Residences on July 9, 2015 indicating the move-out procedures for
your residence community.


Undergraduate students

UWP, V1, MKV, REV, MH, CLV-South » 24-hours after your last exam.

Good luck with exams! Learn more about requesting an extension of your stay in residence this term.

Graduate students

CLV-North » Monday, August 31, by 12 noon.*

*There are no exceptions to this move-out deadline.

Policies & FAQs

  • Any student found to be residing in their room beyond the 24-hour policy will be charged $100 for every additional day.

  • Failure to return your keys will result in a $50 charge to pay for a lock change.

  • Staying with other residents is also not permitted, everyone is required to vacate residence completely.

  • Any items left behind will be disposed of which will result in a charge to your account.

Thank you for living with us, we hope to see you again!