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Extension request

The winter 2018 extension is now available here.

If you missed the deadline to request a move-out extension (latest possible move-out date is Wednesday, April 25 at 12pm), you will need to reach out to your building Residence Life Management Team at one of the following addresses:

Ron Eydt Village:

Village 1:

Columbia Lake Village South:

Mackenzie King Village:

Minota Hagey:

UW Place (including Claudette Millar Hall):

Eligibility criteria

  • You need an extension because of academic course requirements that are due after your move out date, or

  • You have a permanent address from postal code P or K, or

  • You are travelling out of the province or internationally to get back home or to an accredited co-op work term. You must have a pre-purchased airline ticket in order to be accommodated.

  • Any student leaving on April 25 must vacate by 12 p.m. (noon)

Staying in Waterloo

We'd love to have all of our residents stay with us between terms but then we wouldn't have time to prepare residence for the next term.

Between term accommodations

Find a place to stay with our local accommodations list - perfect for those needing extra time, have family or friends visiting, or do not quality for an extension or early arrival.

Move-out procedures

Everything you need to know about key returns, room inspections, and more for move-out.


If you have questions about the extension process, please contact your Residence Life Co-ordinator.