CLV-South townhouses

Layout and floor plans

Approximate bedroom measurements: 3.4 m x 2.8 m

Each unit has four (4) single bedrooms with

  • single (twin-sized) bed with mattress
  • closet & dresser
  • desk, desk lamp, chair
  • bookshelves, waste basket, corkboard
  • Internet connection
    (high speed Internet is included in your residence fees)

All suites come fully-furnished and include

  • living room
    (live cable outlet, two chairs, couch, end tables)
  • kitchen with fridge and stove
  • dining area
    (table with four chairs, fridge, stove)
  • one full bathroom
  • one storage room
  • small outdoor patio

The main level of the unit is where the storage room, patio, kitchen, living room and dining area are located.

CLV South Main Layout

The upper level of the house is where the four bedrooms and bathroom are located.

CLV South Floor Layout

Fast Facts

  • Short form: CLV
  • 100 townhouses, each townhouse has 4 single bedrooms
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Shared kitchen and common areas
  • Mix of first-year, exchange and upper-year students with designated units for single Graduate students
  • There is one Don for every 4 townhouses. Units for single graduate students do not have a Don.