Student Housing Advisory Committee

A group of students who meet over a one half-day workshop with members of the Occupancy team to share their insights for ongoing projects, processes, and policies related to occupancy and housing services that are being examined for potential change, modification, or continuation. Join this group if you want to advise on the residence application process, supports for searching for off-campus accommodations, and more!

The Student Housing Advisory Committee (SHAC) will be asked to provide advice and support on ongoing projects, processes, and policies that are being examined for potential change, modification, or continuation.

Composition and format


The Committee, led by Occupancy staff, will be comprised of a diverse group of undergraduate and graduate UWaterloo students who live on and off campus. Applicants will automatically become a member of the Student Housing Advisory Board through the voluntary application process (subject to change).



* indicates required



To provide insight and feedback on the policies and processes students participate in through the application phase of securing residence in their first-year and upper-years of education at the University of Waterloo.

Assist in the evaluation of off-campus support services provided to students through on and off-campus resources.




Each member of the committee is required to attend the two sessions over the course of the term appointment. A survey will be collected at the beginning of the term to determine session dates.

Members who attend all meetings will receive a letter of reference for their involvement and contribution.

Those interested in returning to the committee for the subsequent term must reapply for an additional term.




Members will be responsible for attending both workshops during the term. Missing one or more meetings may result in being asked to resign your membership and forfeit a letter of reference for their involvement.

Members will be expected to come prepared to meetings, having read materials circulated before the workshop date.

Members will recognize that they are the voice for all students living in Residence at UWaterloo.
**While advice or opinions regarding specific faculty related topics are welcome, the broad subject of student support is the primary objective.

While most outcomes from the group will be taken into consideration by professional staff and implemented, members of the group will be given additional opportunities to assist in programming initiatives as needed.
**Personal and academic schedules will always be top priority.