Student life and services


Living in residence is a unique experience that offers students the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom.

Getting to know students from different backgrounds, having a roommate or suitemate, discovering new foods are just a few of the learning experiences you'll have in residence.


Don support


Dons are upper-year students who live and work in residence. Each floor is assigned a don to help with questions or problems, uphold rules and policies, and provide support to students, but dons also specialize in making your stay in residence a great time! Dons plan fun activities and hold monthly meetings to help students get to know each other and have a good experience while living in residence.

If you have any questions or concerns about university or residence, be sure to let your Don know. They’ve been through similar experiences and are equipped with resources to help you navigate your experience.

Dons also ensure that residents are following residence rules. This is an important part of the Don’s job, as respecting each other is the foundation for a strong community. When necessary, Dons attempt to resolve conflicts which arise within the community.




Jobs and leadership

Residence offers both paid positions and volunteer positions to give students leadership opportunities and career experience. From front desk assistants to social media contributors, there are a variety of great positions to give students a greater chance to get involved in residence life.

Room changes and appeals

In rare circumstances, students may wish to change rooms for different circumstances. Familiarize yourself with the request and appeal processes.




One of the best things about living in residence is all the events and activities going on. You can choose to participate in as many or as few as you want. Most activities are planned by the Dons or Residence Council, but you can also get involved and help to plan and organize events!

Examples of events planned in the past include social events such as a sundae night or a games night, educational activities such as learning how to cook (in suite-style residences), how to study, and trips such as going to the movies or going to Toronto.