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Get Ready for: Life After Graduation

“Get Ready for: Life After Graduation” is an exciting and innovative new pilot program for upper-year students living in UW Place Waterloo Court.

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As you continue to prepare for your future, it’s important to enhance your self-awareness and develop skills that will help you navigate your choices. This program can assist you in developing those skills and in making connections with alumni mentors, other upper-year students, and subject matter experts.

The “Get Ready for: Life After Graduation” program will have two main elements:

  1. Alumni in Residence – mentors who share their experiences with you and help guide your growth and development.
  2. A workshop series where you learn life skills from subject matter experts. Past workshops have included Networking, Cooking, and Money Matters (how to manage your money).

The program is currently running each term for upper-year residents in UW Place Waterloo Court.

Apply now to be part of Get Ready for: Life After Graduation. How to apply

  • Apply online for upper-year residence. Applications are open for Winter 2018, Spring 2018, and Fall 2018. 
  • Rank “UW Place, single room in 3 or 4 bedroom suite” as your first choice.

Email to indicate that want to participate in Get Ready for: Life After Graduation.  If there is still space in Waterloo Court, and you meet the deadlines and criteria for applying to upper-year residence, you will be placed in Waterloo Court.


The Alumni in Residence


Torrie SantucciTorrie Santucci

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (2014)

Master of Climate Change (2015)

“We alumni have gone through what most students are currently experiencing…students who are hoping to expand their social circle, get a leg up on the coop job hunt, or advance their life and academic skill-set should look no further than the Alumni in Residence program.”

Faryal DiwanFaryal Diwan

Bachelor of Environmental Studies (2015)

“To me success is when my students succeed and I’m more than happy to give my time to advise them in any way that will help them be successful.”


Applications for the Alumnus in Residence position in 2018-19 are now open.  Interested applicants should review the job description and submit a resume and cover letter to Melissa McNown-Smith, Manager Living-Learning at  Application deadline is April 2, 2018.


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