Get Ready for: Life After Graduation

“Get Ready for: Life After Graduation” is an exciting and innovative new pilot program for upper-year students living in UW Place Waterloo Court.

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As you continue to prepare for your future, it’s important to enhance your self-awareness and develop skills that will help you navigate your choices. This program can assist you in developing those skills and in making connections with alumni mentors, other upper-year students, and subject matter experts.

The “Get Ready for: Life After Graduation” program will have two main elements:

  1. Alumni in Residence – mentors who share their experiences with you and help guide your growth and development.
  2. A workshop series where you learn life skills from subject matter experts. Past workshops have included Networking, Cooking, and Money Matters (how to manage your money).

We're now accepting applications for the Alumnus in Residence position for 2019-20. Review the full job description here. Send applications (resume and cover letter) to Melissa McNown-Smith, Manager Living-Learning.

The program is currently running each term for upper-year residents in UW Place Waterloo Court.

The Alumni in Residence


Sumair Sumair Ali

Hello! I studied Speech Communication and Economics at Waterloo and graduated in 2017. I now work as an Enterprise Account Executive at Shopify. I can’t wait to meet you and work with you to navigate potential opportunities!

My best resources at Waterloo: Center for Career Action (CECA) Career Advisors, Student Success Office (SSO), Residence Life Team, clubs and intramural sports.

My top tip for upper-years: Get to know people and network. You’ll soon realize what a small world we live in!

SarahSarah Southcott-Whyte

Hi! I studied English Literature and Rhetoric at Waterloo and graduated in 2014. I also have a Masters of Arts from Western University and now work as an Instructor at Conestoga College. I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about your interests and passions!

My best resources at Waterloo: My academic advisor and professors! They were a great help when planning my international exchange experience and graduate studies.

My top tip for upper-years: Invest time and energy into knowing what you want. Define success for yourself, and make decisions and plans based on your values.


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