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Why Residence?

Fun Experience at Waterloo1.Unforgettable Experience

Above all else, the residence experience at Waterloo will be one you remember for the rest of your life. You'll meet life-long friends and have more fun than you can imagine – it’ll be an adventure you don’t want to miss. From movie nights, to midnight study groups, to events organized by Residence Life Dons, living on campus is an experience of a lifetime.

Community Lifestyle at Waterloo2. Community Lifestyle

When you live in residence, there is always someone there to help whenever you need it. Residence Life Dons are around for support, 24/7 front desks are open to answer your questions at three in the morning, and our friendly housekeeping and maintenance staff don’t hesitate to offer a helping hand. When you live in residence, you are part of the family.


Living-Learning Communities at Waterloo3. Academics in Residence

Residence is more than a room. With tutoring opportunities, study spaces, and a short walk to office hours, living on campus gives you the resources you need to succeed. Students can also choose to live in a Living-Learning Community (LLC). LLCs include educational and social events organized by trained Peer Leaders, tutoring, networking activities, and access to academic and faculty support.

Fiber Internet at Waterloo4. High-Speed Unlimited Internet

Stay in touch with friends and family over one of the fastest Internet connections in the Waterloo Region. Whether you’re downloading a course syllabus or catching up on the latest Game of Thrones episode, you can expect amazing upload and download speeds with support from our staff.

Easy and Convenient at Waterloo5. Easy & Convenient

Living in residence means not having to worry about monthly payments, chasing down roommates for rent, or additional fees and costs. Your Internet, utilities, maintenance, concierge services (front desks), and even access to a grocery shuttle are all included in your residence fees. It’s that easy.

Safe and Secure6. Safe & Secure

Your safety is a top priority while you live in Waterloo Residences. All residences are only accessible with a WatCard or key, and are monitored by Residence Life Dons. The campus has its own Police Service as well as Help Line Emergency Buttons located in parking lots and along paths for immediate communication with campus police.

Jobs and Leadership7. Jobs & Leadership 

Getting work and leadership experience while studying at Waterloo will increase your chances of finding employment upon graduation. While in residence, there are several opportunities for you to get involved and find paid and volunteer work to gain new skills, build your résumé, and meet new people. It’s a great opportunity to work where you live!

First-Year Guarantee8. First-Year Guarantee

There aren’t a lot of things in life that are guaranteed, but at Waterloo, if you are an incoming first-year student, we reserve a residence experience just for you. This guarantees you an opportunity to make new friends and enhance your university experience.

Upper-Year Guarantee9. Upper-Year Living

As you grow at Waterloo, your residence experience grows with you. As an upper-year student, we provide you with housing opportunities that are better suited to your lifestyle by matching you with other upper-year students that have similar residence expectations. Plus, upper-year students have the option to request roommates of their choosing. Partners and mixed-gendered requests are not a problem; we'll accommodate! 

Academic Success at Waterloo10. Flexible Contracts

Waterloo Residences understands that students need flexibility. That’s why we provide 4-month and 8-month contracts. Residence contracts match your academic stream so you only pay for the terms you're on campus – no worries about finding a subletter! Students with a local co-op placement can also live in residence during a winter and/or spring co-op term.