HR Technology Renewal Program

What is the HR Technology Renewal Program?

The HR Technology Renewal Program includes a modernized upgrade to the Human Resource Management System (HRMS); a move to meet strategic goals aimed at serving the university better. The program, which is made up of multiple related projects, is the baseline of HR employee data and automated processes in the department. This project will redesign internal processes before implementing technology to improve user experience both internal and external to HR.

The program’s mission is:

Leveraging technology to improve the client experience.

Why change?

The University of Waterloo is consistently ranked as Canada’s most innovative university. In order to nurture the speed at which the university is growing, Human Resources (HR) is taking this opportunity to improve on processes and technologies.

HR currently uses PeopleSoft and support will run out as of February 2018. HR is taking this opportunity to improve efficiencies and redefine processes. A Business Process Improvement project is underway to redefine HR processes to increase efficiency based on the requirements of an evolving workplace. Technology will then be utilized to support the newly defined business processes, providing users with a streamlined experience.

Project scope

The HR Technology Renewal Program includes:

  • Business Process review
  • Implementation of Workday HCM
  • Implementation of iCIMS recruit
  • Implementation of a pension administration system (Ariel)
  • Automated forms implementation, including online hiring forms and workflow