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myHRinfo - Overview


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  • If you are unable to log into myHRinfo, please ensure your WatIAM account is active by signing into WatIAM. If you are unable to sign into WatIAM, please contact the IST helpdesk.
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Google Chrome:

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  • Under "Pop-ups," select Allow all sites to show pop-ups.


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  • Uncheck the "Block pop-up windows" box.

Mozilla Firefox:

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  • To disable all popups:
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  • To disable popups on just one site:
    • Click on Exceptions.
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    • Close the window.

Internet Explorer 11:

  • Click or tap the Gear button or Tools menu. If you don't see either, press the Alt key and then click the Tools menu.

  • Select "Internet options". This will open the Internet Options window.
  • Click or tap the Privacy tab.
  • Uncheck the "Turn on Pop-up Blocker" box. Click or tap Apply to save the changes.

Personal Information

Navigate to: Self Service > Personal Information

Select Personal Information Summary to view or update your address, phone numbers and emergency contacts.


Navigate to: Self Service > Benefits

Benefits Summary displays your current benefits coverage and pension enrollment.

Dependent/Beneficiary Info displays who has been designated by you as a dependent and/or beneficiary.

Select Insurance Summary to view your current life insurance coverage. To make changes to this information, please visit the Benefits Forms section of the Human Resources website.

To view your Pension related information, please visit myPensionInfo from the HR website. 

Payroll and Compensation

Navigate to: Self Service > Payroll and Compensation

Select eTD1 to submit your TD1 Tax Credit forms online.

Select View Paycheck to view/print all past paychecks.

Select Direct Deposit to add/update your direct deposit information.

Select on View T4/T4A Slips to view your official Canada Revenue Agency tax slips.

To view/print your tax slips on-line requires your consent which can be provided by clicking on Year End Slips Consent and checking the consent box. If consent is not provided, your T4/T4A tax slip will be mailed to the address in your myHRinfo personal information.  

Select Faculty/Staff Association slip to view/print your association fees slip for tax purposes. 

Learning and Development

Navigate to: Self Service > Learning and Development

Click on Request Training Enrollment to request enrollment in a specific course. 

Click on Training Summary to review internal training courses completed.

Apply for Internal Career Opportunities

Job openings for ongoing staff positions can be found on the Careers website.

Your probationary period must be complete before you are eligible to apply.