Welcome to the new Human Resources website

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Human Resources is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website!

The Human Resources website has been restructured and new content has been added. The website overhaul project was focused on providing information in a more intuitive and easily accessible format. Some of the new content and features include:

  • Navigation menus – Information has been restructured into seven top-level menus:
    • About Human Resources –includes contact information for HR Advisors and the HR department
    • Careers at Waterloo – External and temporary employment opportunities
    • Support for employees – Information pertaining to the employee life cycle
    • Support for managers – Information pertaining to administration and management
    • Support for new employees – Relevant information and resources for new employees
    • Self Service – Information and navigation to online self-service
    • Forms – All HR forms to support employees and administration have been grouped by HR services. In addition, new and revised forms have been created to streamline processes. For a list of all updated forms and documents, please see below:
Form/document Description
Personal information form (PDF) Used to update personal information such as address, phone number, name, and banking.
Benefit Enrolment and Change Form (PDF) Life Insurance beneficiary and dependents for benefits declaration form.
Pregnancy/Parental Leave Request form (PDF) Complete this form when planning to take pregnancy/parental leave.
Pregnancy and Parental Checklist (docx)

This checklist shall be used to assist in planning a pregnancy and parental leave of absence.

Pension Beneficiary Designation Form (PDF) To change your pension for both active and inactive plan members.
Casual new hire request form (PDF) Form to hire new casual employees
Casual additional pay request (PDF) Used to submit hours worked for casual employees.
Resignation letter template (docx) This template is provided for individuals to utilize if assistance is required to develop their resignation letter.

If you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the new site, you are encouraged to complete the website feedback survey.

We also encourage you visit our new Careers website.