Change is constant. Understanding and strategically addressing the impact change has on an individual, a team or an organization can directly influence change initiative outcomes.

Under the direction of the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO), the University of Waterloo offers a campus wide streamlined approach to managing change initiatives and is committed to supporting employees as they navigate through change.

Managers leading change have access to a variety of services, equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to support their team members, anticipate areas of resistance and proactively address concerns to optimize change results.

Services offered include: consultation with Change Management Prosci certified representatives and access to tools and templates.

Change Management Prosci certified representatives

Certified in the Prosci change management methodology, the Change Management Advisor (CMA) and Human Resource Partners (HRPs) at the University of Waterloo are well-equipped to support and guide change leaders with the implementation of the change.

To effectively inform the change implementation plan, managers and supervisors are encouraged to consult with change management certified team members prior to beginning any change initiative. 

Benefits of an assessment include:

  • Receipt of advice and guidance on the implementation of the change
  • Review University policies
  • Consideration of existing processes, technology and organizational structure
  • Recognition of impacted groups