Conrad Grebel University College

Accessible Entrance(s)

Academic Building

  • Automated door facing main campus.
  • Automated door facing parking lot opens to reception on the 2nd floor.  Student Access Van drop-off location. 

Cafeteria and Residence Building

  • Two doors entering off of terrace leading to cafeteria and residences (ramped - assistance required and automated).
  • Door facing St. Paul's College (ramped) provides access to 2nd floor of residence and Chapel.
  • Lower level door facing university campus.


  • Building has one elevator accessible from all 4 floors.

    • 1st floor:  located by the practice rooms

    • 2nd floor:  located near the Common Grounds Coffee Bar

    • 3rd floor:  located by the library

    • 4th floor:  select the button with the accessible symbol for access to the Centre for Peace Advancement


Academic Building

  • accessible family washroom #1912
  • across from the main desk in the library #3910 (family washroom)
  • lower level, across from classroom 1208
  • level 2, across from the reception desk 2917 (W) / 2916 (M)
  • level 4, 4907 (W) / 4905 (M)

Residence Building

  • second floor, rooms  2943 (M) / 2942 (W)
  • third floor Chapel washrooms 3945 (M) / 3946 (W) - to access these washrooms you have to go through a door that is not automated
  • third floor residence washroom 3947 (M)
  • fourth floor residence washroom 4941 (W) / 4943 (M)


  • Located inside entrance #2 (Cafeteria Building) and near the accessible family washroom (room 1912) on the first floor

Food and Drink

  • Common Ground self-serve coffee bar located on level 2 across from the elevator


  • Five accessible parking spaces are located outside entrance #2 (Academic Building)

Who can use this service:

  • Employees
    • Staff
    • CUPE
    • Faculty
  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students
  • Visitors


CGR - Conrad Grebel University
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