Engineering 2 (E2)

Accessible Entrance(s)

  • Double doors facing Engineering Lecture Hall (ramped) Student Access Van drop-off location

  • Internal connection to Carl Pollock Hall on levels 1, 2, and 3 and Engineering 3 on level 2

  • Internal connection on lower level to J.R. Coutts Engineering Lecture Hall (see note regarding elevator access)

  • Door facing Engineering 1 (small ramp) 


  • Main hallway beside room 1347 - please note, there is a small step coming off of the elevator on floor 3.

  • One person lift located at the west end of main hallway which descends one level to the Engineering Lecture Hall. Students must obtain a key from AccessAbility Services for use during the term. For immediate use call 33793.


  • 1375 (W) / 1376 (M)

  • 2416 (M) 

  • 3418 (W) / 3420 (M)
  • 3418A (unisex washroom has automated door)


  • Pay and on-campus telephones located near entrances #1 & 2

Food & Drink

  • Vending machines are located by room 2352A (by the ramp to E3)


  • Access to Engineering Lecture Hall via small lift (elevator #2) is on the main floor at the west end of the building. A key can be signed out on a per-term basis from the office of AccessAbility Services & Accommodations.
  • Engineering undergraduate office is located in 1772.

Who can use this service:

  • Employees
    • Staff
    • CUPE
    • Faculty
  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students
  • Visitors


E2 - Engineering 2
200 University Avenue West