Environment 3 (EV3)

Accessible Entrance(s)

  • Door facing Ring Road
  • Door facing EV1 - Student Access Van drop off location


  • clearly visible in main lobby by the central staircase and accessible from either entrance 


  • located between elevators and classroom 1408 on main floor
  • 3934 (W) / 3933 (M)
  • 4934 (W) / 4933 (M)
  • turn left when you come out of the elevator and take the first hallway on the left

Food and Drink

  • Williams Fresh Cafe is located on the left inside entrance #1.


  • There is an internal connection to EV2 which has a connection to EV1.  Accessible parking spaces are located at entrance #2.  A lounge area is located on the 4th floor.

Who can use this service:

  • Employees
    • Staff
    • CUPE
    • Faculty
  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students
  • Visitors


EV3 - Environment 3
200 University Avenue West