Renison University College

Accessible Entrance(s)

Founders Building (Administration)

  • Facing cafeteria wing of the Luxton Building

Luxton Building (Dinning Hall/Lecture Rooms)

  • Facing parking lot at rear of building (ramped) - Student Access Van drop-off location
  • Entrance to Chapel of St. Bede (ramped, no rails)
  • Door facing building Founders Building (automated) - entrance to cafeteria 

Academic Centre (Library, Housing, Study Spaces)

  • Facing parking lot at rear of building (ramped) Student Access Van drop-off location
  • Door facing St. Jerome's


  • Located in Founders Building near entrance #1
  • Located in Luxton Building near entrance #3
  • Located in Academic Centre near entrance facing St. Jerome's
  • Located at far east of building for access to the basement level
  • Lift located beside room 2107 giving access to the chapel and the Director of Student Life


Founders Building (Administration and Library)

  • Unisex 2821, 2817
  • 2804 (W) / 2803 (M)

Luxton Building (Cafeteria and Classrooms)

  • 1801 (M) / 1802 (W)
  • Unisex 0202
  • 1816 (M) / 1817 (W)
  • Unisex 1824 
  • Unisex - near elevator #4 on main floor and in basement


  • Luxton Building  near entrance #1 Student Access Van drop-off entrance
  • Academic Centre by room 2107

Food and Drink

Luxton Building

  • The cafeteria is located in the Great Hall

  • Lounge and vending machines located across fro the Lusi Wong Library and next to the elevator in the Academic Centre

  • Vending machines located by elevator #2


  • There are designated parking spaces available in the upper and lower parking areas. All accessible parking spaces are identified.

Who can use this service:

  • Employees
    • Staff
    • CUPE
    • Faculty
  • Current students
    • Current undergraduate students
    • Current graduate students
  • Visitors


REN - Renison University College
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