Change Management: Workshops

In partnership with Organizational and Human Development (OHD), the Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer is offering virtual Change Management focused workshops hosted in person or virtually using Microsoft Teams. Workshops are open to University of Waterloo employees or offered as custom sessions to your group.  

To see our upcoming offerings and register for a workshop, please log into Portal. Upon completion of the workshop, the employee learning record will be updated in Workday. 

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Workshop Offerings

Strategies for Successfully Navigating Change (formerly: Successfully Navigating Change)

Duration: 150 min online workshop and facilitated discussion

Target audience: Employees in non-supervisory roles

Description: Change is constant and happens all the time. Every day we change in small ways – our morning routine, our route to work, our daily activities. We adapt quickly to these small changes, seamlessly adjusting our ways. It’s the big changes however that can cause an emotional reaction and discomfort. Understanding and addressing why we react to change, the impact the change has on us and whether we are motivated to embrace a change, is important and can directly influence outcomes. This course will provide learners with an overview of how and why individuals react to change. Through interactive exercises, participants will discover the value in considering the people side of change. In addition, individuals will have an opportunity to learn new strategies they can apply to real change situations. 

Successfully Leading and Managing Change (formerly: Successfully Managing Change)

Duration: 150 min online workshop and facilitated discussion

Target audience: Leaders and those in people management

Description: In this interactive workshop, we’ll discover the value in considering the people side of change, covering how and why individuals react to change. Participants will focus on the critical role the manager plays in supporting team members through change and, by way of application of the  change management steps, we’ll learn new strategies to apply to real change situations.

Custom Change Management workshops

Customized change management workshops are the ideal solution for instances where specific areas are experiencing significant change. Workshops are designed to meet the unique needs of the team / department or unit. 

To request a customized workshop, please complete and submit the request form. Thank you.