Nancy Reeves
Equity Office
Jennisha Wilson

Jennisha is responsible for providing confidential and direct support to students, faculty and staff experiencing racism to explore informal/alternative mechanisms to resolve complaints and disclosures. Jennisha utilizes a trauma-informed, anti-racist and Intersectional lens when supporting individuals through a disclosure process. Jennisha will also focus on helping to develop a user-friendly centralized approach to manage complaints related to racism and further provides recommendations to senior leadership on addressing systemic racism within the University.  

 Contact Jennisha: 

  • If you are experiencing racism and would like to explore informal resolution options grounded in restorative justice and anti-racism frameworks  
  • If you want to understand your options under Policy 33
  • If you are an equity-deserving individual in need of anti-racism advocacy and support  
  • If you would like to request anti-racism training, facilitated discussion and supports for yourself and a larger department or group  
  • If you seek recommendations to inform policy, procedure, and processes grounded in anti-racism and intersectionality frameworks 
  • If you would like to provide feedback on how disclosures and complaints related to racism could be handled better to support students, faculty and staff experiencing racism on campus.  
Equity Office
Emily Burnell, Equity Coordinator
COM 108D

Emily provides confidential support to students, faculty and staff experiencing equity related barriers; which can involve advocacy, connection to resources, discerning potential interim solutions, proposing training opportunities and recommending responsive systemic change. She also advises Faculties and Academic Support Units on equity, supports Equity Office projects that advance equity on campus, creates resources on best practices and partners with key campus stakeholders in their equity work.

Contact Emily:

  • If you're an equity deserving student, faculty or staff member seeking support
  • If you’re seeking an equity perspective on a project, initiative, plan, policy, or resource for your department. This may include terms of reference, language for your website, job ads, orientation materials, best practice documents etc.
  • If you’re interested in expressing support or providing feedback on an existing initiative and are unsure which team member to connect with.
  • If you have questions about a project that Emily is leading.
Equity Office
Sarah Grzincic

Sarah is responsible for the equity training portfolio which includes developing, managing, and delivering equity training for students, faculty and staff based on the needs of the campus community. She also supports campus members who are looking to embed equity in their learning events or training initiatives.

Contact Sarah:

  • If you are looking to embed equity and anti-racism within training or a learning event.
  • If you have questions about any of the Equity Office trainings.
  • If you are looking for recommendations for facilitators or speakers
Equity Office
Jermal Jones, Equity Office Manager

Jermal manages the Equity Office's day-to-day operations and supports projects in the Equity Office. His focus areas include advising Faculties and Academic Support Units on equity, supporting the Equity Data Strategy, and student engagement. He also works on creating resources to build capacity and supports the Senior Equity Training Specialist in developing training for the campus community.

Contact Jermal:

  • If you have questions about the status of the Equity Data Strategy.
  • If you would like a presentation on the Equity Office and the services the Office provides.
  • If you have a request for equity training.
  • If you have questions about a project Jermal is leading.
Equity Office
Gina Hickman, Director of Equity
519-888-4567 ext. 48633
COM 101E

Gina is currently on parental leave. In her absence, please contact a member of the Equity Office team, or if you need assistance figuring out who to connect with, please email

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