Current workshops and training opportunities

 Making spaces

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The Making Spaces program is a framework for creating affirming spaces on campus and fostering interpersonal relationships through education and training on aspects of social identity.


Equitable recruitment and selection training

Tapping into a diverse talent pool is essential for success and necessary to ensure a diverse workforce. The goal of our equitable recruitment training is to promote a fair, objective and inclusive recruitment and selection process to be mindful of current legislation, and to find the best qualified candidate in every search process. Search for the latest training and register today!

Men's circle

Men's circle. Campus safety has always been a top priority, and you can do your hare to help

Through interactive exercises and discussions, the Men’s Circle will explore some of the ways in which men can become leaders in creating a safer campus for everyone. The content is geared toward unpacking harmful constructs of masculinity and increasing understanding of the impact of an individual’s behaviour on themselves and others.