Tapping into a diverse talent pool is essential for success and necessary to ensure a diverse workforce. We are committed to fostering equitable representation based on gender and promoting inclusion of historically disadvantaged groups. The goal of this training is to promote a fair, objective and inclusive recruitment and selection process, to be mindful of current legislation, and to find the best qualified candidate in every search process.

The current training involves three steps: 

  1. First, participants complete the interactive online unconscious bias training module created by the Canada Research Chairs Program.  This module is designed to promote an understanding of unconscious bias and how it can affect the peer review process. It also provides strategies for mitigating bias in the peer review process. The content of this module is very applicable to the recruitment process, as well, and can inform and guide discussion during the Equitable Recruitment and Selection workshop.  We are asking that each participant complete this module before attending the session.  
  2. Participants then review a sample rubric package (PDF) and this document related to equity language (docx), and consider how they can be applied by your committee in creating a rubric, preparing interview questions, creating a template for evaluating interviews, etc. <--break->
  3. The third step is to attend a 90-minute facilitated discussion around best practices for equitable recruitment and selection.  Contact Lynn  Long to schedule this session.<--break->

If you have taken Equitable Recruitment and Selection training less than three years ago, can complete an online/self-study version. Those whose last training was three years ago or longer must attend the face-to-face training.  Contact Lynn Long for further details.